October 2014 update

SCHOOL DAVID 2BHPS - Playground (2)

Glasgow City council’s Executive Committee has now given the go ahead for the rebuild project – so we are definitely getting a new school –  and plans will now progress without delay. These images  show what the new school may look like.

The current indication us that the work will begin on site in July 2015, with main building children starting the school year in the decant school (Ladywell school) in August 2015.

It has been decided that the new school will have 18 classrooms- 3 floors with 6 classrooms on each.

Glasgow City Council will be holding information sessions on 4th November 2014 in the main building. There will be an information and engagement session for parents regarding the rebuild and decant from 3-6pm in the main building and will take the form of a drop-in session.  A separate session will be held in the evening for local residents- parents may wish to attend both.

15:00  – 18:00: Drop-In Session, Q & A, feedback session
18:00 – 19:30: Open Invitation (neighbourhood)- Pre-Planning Presentation, Q & A


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