February 2016 update

The Parent Council and School Management Team met with representatives from Glasgow City Council on 10th February 2016 to discuss the school rebuild plans. As a result, the following was confirmed:

The construction work for the new school will begin on 15th February 2016.  It is expected to take 106 weeks (not the 80 weeks originally indicated).  As a result it is likely that the children will move to the new school in Spring 2018 (not August 2017 are originally indicated). The existing decant arrangements will remain in place until then.There was discussion regarding our previous understanding that the annual P1 intake would be capped at 60 for the duration of the decant – it appears that this is not currently the case as the enrollment for next year’s P1 is currently standing at 75 pupils. The GCC representatives agreed to clarify their position on this and discuss the issue with us further.

The large number of catchment children starting P1 in August 2016 means that all classrooms in both the Annexe and Ladywell buildings will require to be used.  As a result it is likely that the p4 year group will need to be split with one class in the Annexe and one class in Ladywell.

The first newsletter from the construction team is available. Hard copies are being delivered to residents near the school, but anyone can be added to the distribution list for electronic newsletters by emailing CBGBroomhillPrimary@citybuildingglasgow.co.uk

Any queries relating specifically to the construction of the new school can be raised with the contractors by emailing CBGBroomhillPrimary@citybuildingglasgow.co.uk or by contacting the site manager, Chris on 07764 981 739.