April 2016 update

The Community Council meeting last week heard an update on the school rebuild.  A written update was circulated and can be found on the Community Council website at https://broomhillcc.wordpress.com/broomhill-primary-school/new-build-contract/1-april-update-important-information/update-13th-april/. Basically everything is going to plan other than the demolition of the Scottish Power substation which has been further delayed, but City Building advised that it will be gone by June at the latest.  Work is progressing on the retaining wall at the bottom of the site as a priority to reinstate some parking in the area as the CB realise this is an issue for local residents. They are aiming for completion of this wall by end May. Foundation works are 50% complete and sheet piling is virtually complete.  Noise and vibration readings are being taken regularly and no abnormal readings have be taken.  There is a GCC Clerk of Works on site at all times checking the work as it progresses.

With regard to the decant, a location has been agreed for the Portacabin on the annexe site (beside the BOSCA bungalow) to accommodate the additional pupils at annexe site from August 2016 and that this was done in communication with the school management team.  This means that both p4 classes will be accommodated at the annexe site in 2016/17.