February 2014 update

We have now had notice about the next stage of the process towards a possible new school building.  On 20th February Glasgow City Council approved the proposal for a public consultation on the consolidation of Broomhill Primary School on to one site (the main building site). This would mean that, once the new school was complete, the annex building and land would no longer be required by the school.  The minutes from this meeting can be found at http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/councillorsandcommittees/submissiondocuments.asp?submissionid=67753

The key points from the proposal paper are:

  • The public consultation will take place from 10th March to 12th May 2014
  • As part of this the Council will hold a public meeting in Broomhill Primary School main building at 7pm on 25th March 2014.
  • Children in the lower primary school years will remain at the Annex for the duration of the works.
  • Children from the main building will be decanted to the Ladywell Primary School building at Whiteinch. Free transport will be provided for all children from near the Broomhill school site.
  • The estimated date of completion of the new school building is late 2016 or early 2017 (however this is subject to possible change for a number of reasons).
  • There is no proposed change to the existing catchment area.

We will work closely with the school during this consultation period and will keep parents updated via this website, twitter and through our own networks.  As soon as the consultation document is available it will be posted here.  We would encourage all parents to attend the public meeting on 25th March. If you have any questions please speak to a Parent Council member or drop us an email.

December 2013 Update

This week the Child and Family Policy Development Committee of Glasgow City Council passed the proposal for there to be a new build school on a unified site for Broomhill Primary.  A formal consultation on the plans will take place in the New Year and we will keep parents updated as information about this becomes available. Education Services have stated that they will no longer require the Annexe site for educational requirements but no decision has yet been taken by the Council about future use of the land.

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