Getting Involved

Interested in getting involved in the work of the Parent Council or a subgroup then we’d love to hear from you!

There are various different ways of getting involved or supporting our work:

– Attend a Parent Council meeting or ask for an item to be added to our agenda. Any parent or carer of a child at Broomhill Primary is welcome.

Parent Council meetings normally take place each term in September, November, January and April.  Specific dates for meetings will be posted on our noticeboard.

If you wish something to be raised at the meeting please email us at least a week before the meeting.

– Become a member of the Parent Council. We are always keen to welcome new members.  Meetings take place about once per term with email communication between meetings.

– Become a member of the Fundraising and Events Team (FET). This involves short meetings to organise social and fundraising events and activities.  As 2 members have stepped down this year, more members are needed so that our planned events run as smoothly as ever.

– Volunteer at the social and fundraising events that the FET organise.  An email network of volunteers is held by the FET and an email circulated when volunteers are needed.

– Join the Broomhill Environmental Support Team (BEST) network of parents who are contacted occasionally to assist with maintenance, gardening or environmental work around the school grounds. No special skills are needed other than enthusiasm!

– The Parent Council also periodically needs support from lawyers, accountants and other professionals and is looking for parents who could offer advice when required.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way please speak to any member of the Parent Council or email us at