Why do we need the PC?

The Parent Council exists to represent the parents and carers of children in Broomhill Primary School and to work in partnership with the school’s management team to support school life and the wellbeing of pupils in the school. It also provides opportunities for parents and carers to become involved in the school and to increase their understanding of school matters.

What can I do to help the PC?

The Parent Council are keen to support any parent that wishes to be involved in the school. We welcome all forms of support, for example, if you have a talent or a skill that you are willing to share with pupils, an event that you are willing to organise or support, or if you wish to join the Parent Council, one of its subgroups or the Fundraising and Events Team.

When would I contact the PC and seek help?

The PC is here to represent your views so if you have concerns about issues relating to the school, or if you wish to contribute to a part of school life you can contact us and we will try to help.  However it is not the role of the PC to tackle individual issues and we cannot discuss individual issues.  These should be addressed with the Headteacher in the first instance.

How does the PC raise funds?

The FET is the fundraising and events arm of the Parent Council.  It runs a range of social and fundraising events throughout the year.  Details of these are given in mail drops in school bags and can also be found on the FET page of this website.

How much money is raised each year?

This varies. In 2011/12 around £8000 was raised. 

How is this money spent?

Funds raised are spent on resources  or to help fund activities for children in the school.  Examples of this can be found on the FET pages of this website.

All spending decisions are based on requests by the school and are based on their understanding of the needs in the school. Spending plans are discussed at Parent Council or FET meetings and always agreed with the Head Teacher. 

How are the costs of the Parent Council covered?

All the money raised by the FET is used for the benefit of the school. The Parent Council recieves a small budget (around £400) per year from the Council to support its running costs. This is used to pay for a minute taker, to cover the costs of lets for meetings, paper and photocopying, and to cover any costs incurred by members attending meetings (babysitter costs, taxis where required). All parents voluteer their time to the PC.

Who can join the PC?

Any parent or carer of a child at Broomhill Primary School may become a member of the PC.  We always welcome new members and we aim to have representation from each year group.

How many times a year does the PC meet?

Around 4 times a year (quarterly) as well as an Annual General Meeting in September.  Subgroups may meet between Parent Council meetings.

Can anyone else attend the PC meetings?

PC meetings are open to all parents or carers of children in Broomhill Primary School.  The dates, times and venues of our meetings are on the calendar on this site. Minutes and agendas will be posted on the minutes page of this website.

How are office bearers elected?

Office bearers are elected at the first PC meeting after the AGM.  There is a Chair, secretary and treasurer. Terms of office are around 2 years however re-elections may occur during the year when necessary.

What are the PC’s subgroups?

The Parent Council has various subgroups which run for short or longer time periods depending on the topic area.  Broomhill Environmental Support Team (BEST) is one of these subgroups and more information can be found on this website. There is also a Communictions subgroup. More subgroups may be set up if and when required.  Any parent can join these subgroups but there must be at least once Parent Council member who reports back to the PC.

How can I find out what my PC is doing?

This website has been developed to provide you with information about Broomhill Parent Council. Please also feel free to speak to any PC members in the playground or at our events.  You will also get information on our activities via periodic newsletters and bag mail drops.  The AGM in September is when the PC and FET report back to the Parent Forum on its work over the previous year.  This Annual Report will also be made available on this website (see the minutes page).