From little seeds…

Our uniform might be blue but we are very definitely a green school! We have benefitted from an enthusiastic and involved community over the years and you can see the evidence in the school gardens, the murals adorning the walls in the annexe, and the beautifully coloured planters.

Motivated by the success of BroomChill and in consultation with the School and Parent Council, BESTthe Broomhill Environmental Support Team was born.

BEST exists to coordinate the many varied skills and talents of parents to the benefit of the school, its environment and ulimately the pupils. We are constantly in discussion with the school as to how we can practically help to improve the school environment both on a temporary and permanent basis. An example could be the tidying of the garden at the entrance to the annexe, or repainting the planters.

Getting ourselves noticed

The Broomchill garden was such an outstanding example of school and parent partnership that it attracted Olympic gold medal winner Andy Murray to the school.

Courtesy of SNS 

Not that we’re name dropping but none other than Professor David Bellamy also visited Broomhill and planted some 30/40 trees in the main building as well as giving an informative and lively assembly to the pupils click here to find out more about the scheme.

We’re also rather proud of our Green Flag which was awarded by theEco-Schools Scotland programme.


In our very own Ms McNeil we have an enthusiastic champion of all things green. Ms McNeil works tirelessly searching out grants and donations allowing us to keep making substantial improvements to the school environment. Where we can’t beg, steal or borrow the Parent Council makes funds available to ensure our children’s environment is maintained and constantly improved. We’re always keen to find out about schemes that encourage and support our green mission – if you know of something please let us know! And if they’re free all the better!

How can you get involved?

You may have an idea or a suggestion which you’ve seen work in other schools but you’re not sure how to raise it. If so we want to hear from you. In fact we want to hear from all parents who may be available to work with BEST. Have a look at our latest blog posting and follow us to keep up to date with how you can contribute.