Information on the PSA dispute

You will probably know that the Pupil Support Assistants (PSAs) – sometimes referred to as classroom assistants – are currently in dispute with Glasgow City Council Education Services, but you may not know the reasons why. There are 8 PSAs at Broomhill Primary School, many of whom have been there for some time. They want to let parents know that, while they love their jobs, they feel strongly about the changes to their job remit and the risk that these will take them away from their core duties of supporting the delivery of education. They wish to emphasise that this is not an issue about money.  Further details about their dispute can be found at
Some parents have asked us how they can show their support for our PSAs. The most direct way is to contact your local councillor (our local councillors are Aileen Colleran (Labour), Kenny McLean and Feargal Dalton (SNP) and Martin Bartos (Green)).  You can also speak directly to the PSAs in the annexe at drop-off of pick-up to find out more and to sign a petition asking for health care tasks to be removed from PSA grade 3 roles.
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