What does the national ‘Getting it right for every child’ approach to children’s health and wellbeing mean to you?

‘Getting it right for every child’ (GIRFEC) is the national policy for improving the lives, health and wellbeing of all children and young people and for ensuring that services such as education and health work together, focussing on the needs of children and young people. The wellbeing of children and young people is at the heart of GIRFEC which asks whether children are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included.

We have been asked to help in gathering parent views on their current understanding of GIRFEC and would be very grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to complete this short questionnaire.

This survey is anonymous. Individuals and individual responses will not be identified in the reporting of these findings


If you want to find more about what GIRFEC means for you or your child, you should ask your health visitor, school or other professional who you have contact with.


You will find the survey at:



The survey will close on 1 November 2013

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