School Rebuild – Parent Workshop on Thursday 20th June 7pm Main Building

Glasgow City Council will be holding 3 ‘workshops’ during this week:

  • teachers Monday
  • pupils Wednesday
  • and parents Thursday

The purpose of these workshops is to explore early thoughts and aspirations for a new school building and grounds for Broomhill. The design team will then take these ideas and incorporate them into plans for the school which will they will bring back to us for consultation after the summer break. There are just 25 places for the parent workshop which have been offered to members of the Parent Council and to parents who have already expressed an interest in the first instance. A limited number of places remain for this workshop which are now being offered on a first come first served basis to any other interested parents or carers – if you are interested and able to partcipate on Thursday evening please email the Parent Council at

Please note that this workshop will not cover issues related to the brief for the building or issues relating to the construction phase or decantment. There will be opportunities to participate in consultations on these issues, as well as further opportunities to comment on the evolving plans for the school, after the summer holiday.

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