School Rebuild – latest update 17th June

A parent information session was held on 5th June to inform parents of Glasgow City Council’s recently announced plans to rebuild Broomhill Primary School on the main building site.  The parents who attended were enthusiastic about the opportunities this gave for the school, but had some concerns about the period of construction and how to minimise the impact on the children during the process.  Key issues were recorded and will be fed into discussions as they progress over the coming months. The key points from the discussion were:

  • Support for a new school building on the main building site
  • An emphasis on maximising opportunities for outdoor learning, play and sports in the new building
  • Questions about where children will be taught during the construction period, how they will get there and back and how any adverse impact on their learning can be minimised.
  • Concerns that the new school is big enough
  • Questions about the future use of the annex land

Glasgow City Council will be holding 3 ‘workshops’ during the week of 17th June with teachers (Monday), pupils (Wednesday), and parents (Thursday).  See additional post to see how you can get involved.

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