School Refurbishment Update – Important Update

The Parent Council, along with members of the Broomhill Community Council, senior school management and teachers and representatives of BOSCA met with a team from Glasgow Council this evening.

At the session we were advised that the council have considered 3 options for Broomhill School:

  • Refurbish Annexe and Refurbish Main building
  • Move to one site- refurbish and extend Main building only
  • Move to one site – rebuild Main building

Glasgow Council’s preferred option is the rebuild of the Main Building. We will be making a much more comprehensive update shortly and we hope to be able to publish the presentation along with details from Glasgow Council. They also advised us that their consultation process will start with focus groups with teachers, pupils, parents, BOSCA and community members in the next few weeks. Again we will provide full details as soon as we are able.

There is much to consider and the Parent Council hope to organise an informal information session for the larger Parent Forum on the evening of Wednesday 5th June.  We will confirm this in the next day or so.

Time scales- likely to be around 6 months to get to planning stage and final build to be completed and open by August 2016.

We will shortly be making a dedicated information page on the Parent Council website – all Glasgow Council provided information will be published on this page.  Please check the site frequently and encourage others who have an interest to do the same.

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