Keeping you in the loop

Ever felt blindsided by a passing comment from another parent or carer? Left wondering why you haven’t heard about some issue or achievement and frantically wondering when the last time you got something in the school bag post…well fear not – you are not alone.

We’ve listened to our parents over the past months and we realise that we need to up our game when it comes to keeping you in the loop with everything that is happening and more importantly that we’d like to happen. School post when it works is brilliantly simple however it is not the most reliable (nor the most green). And although we don’t propose to replace this method of communication we have set ourselves the goal of getting you all the pertinent data you ask for in a timely fashion.

Our new website will hopefully be your first port of call when you want to get the lowdown on all our main activities. And to fully embrace the social revolution we’ll also be pushing notes out via twitter too! Even better it’ll be in 140 characters or less!

We’re asking you to feed back to us on our new site and related content as well as to fill in the questionairre that has come through via School Post (fingers crossed). Tell us what you want to know and more importantly how do you want to get it?

Your Comms team

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